Coffee Five Senses

Freckleduck house blend 4.0

Single origin of the month +0.5

Filter 6.0

Bonsoy +0.5

Almond milk +0.5

Coconut milk +0.5

Cold brew 5.5

Iced coffee 6


Tea Chamellia Tea 4

English breakfast, Earl grey, China sencha (green tea), Lemongrass & ginger, Peppermint, Chamomile

Iced tea of the day 6


Chai Chai Boy Chai

Latte 4

Iced 6 (brewed overnight with soy milk)


Hot Chocolate Mork 4.5

Iced chocolate 6



The Ducks Nuts 8

Dairy milk, banana, peanut butter, cacao, honey

Almond milk +0.5

Bluebird 8

Coconut milk, blueberries, chia seeds, dates

Green machine 9

Coconut water, spinach, grapes, apple, celery, ginger, lemon, dates


Cold drinks

Phoenix organic range 4.5

Cola, Ginger beer, Lemonade


Juice Culture cold pressed juices 6.5

Bling: Carrot, ginger, orange, apple, turmeric

Envy: Mint, apple, spinach, celery, orange, lemon

Rave: Beetroot, ginger, carrot, apple, celery


Glass of OJ 4

Bottled water 3

Antipodes 500ml sparkling mineral water 6





Peanut butter & jelly waffle (V) 13

Peanut butter waffle, peanut butter mousse, strawberry jam, salted peanuts, chocolate crumble, strawberries


Granola  (GF, V, VGO) 14

Buckwheat, coconut, apricot, almond, seeds, puffed grains, chai poached pears, date & honey labneh, milk


Bircher muesli (GF, V, VG) 14.5

Chia seeds, almonds, pepitas, sunflower seeds, coconut, goji berries, apple, buckwheat, peaches, mixed berry & acai compote


Poached eggs (GFO) 10

Lamadre seeded sourdough


Baked ricotta & blueberry hotcake (V) 16.5

Housemade ricotta, passionfruit curd mascarpone, seeds, puffed grains, mixed berry & acas compote, pure maple


Crushed pea & avocado (GFo, V, VGo) 15

Hummus, pickled beetroots, crumbed feta, toasted seeds, seeded sourdough

Add poached egg – 2.5


FD bacon & eggs (GFO) 17.5

Jalapeno corn bread waffle, maple baked bacon, creamed corn, poached eggs


Roast pumpkin smash (GFO) 17

Prosciutto, asparagus, bacon marmalade, tortilla chips, spiced pepita, chilli oil


Cauliflower & halloumi fritter (GF, Vo) 17.5

Hot smoked salmon, rocket, pickled cauliflower, zucchini, horseradish creme fraiche, lemon


Mexican chicken salad (GF, Vo, Vgo) 17

Red quinoa, pickled red cabbage, corn, coriander, kidney beans, jalapeno aioli


Korean lamb bowl (GF) 19

12 hour smoke braised lamb shoulder, kimchi, cucumber, spring onion, ginger, bean sprouts, sriracha, fried shallots, coriander


Butter poached prawn tortilla 20

Butter poached prawns, chorizo, red onion, baby corn, lime yoghurt, chimichurri



Maple bacon 5

Chorizo 5

Hot smoked salmon 5

Pea & avocado smash 4

Roasted mushrooms 4

Poached egg 2.5

Feta 2.5

Hummus 2.5

Tomato relish 2



Poached eggs on toast 7

Pancake with ice-cream & maple syrup 7

Ham & cheese toastie 7

Toast with peanut butter/vegemite/strawberry jam/nutella 7

Coco-pops, milk 5


GF – gluten free (GFo – gluten free option)

V – vegetarian (Vo – vegetarian option)

VG – vegan (VGo – vegan option)

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