Coffee Five Senses

Crompton Road house blend 4

Single origin +0.5

Decaf +0.5

Filter 6

Cold brew 5.5

Iced coffee 6

Iced mocha 6.5

Almond milk, Coconut milk, Bonsoy +0.5


Tea Chamellia Tea 4

English breakfast/earl grey/china sencha (green)/ lemongrass & ginger/ peppermint/ chamomile


Chai Chai Boy

Latte 4

Tea 4


Hot Chocolate Mork  4.5

Iced chocolate 6


Smoothies 9


The Ducks Nuts

Dairy milk, banana, peanut butter, cacao, honey

Almond milk +0.5


Mango Magic

Mango, orange, greek yogurt, chia seeds


Strawberry Sensation

Strawberry, lime, coconut water


Cold drinks

Strange Love-organic elixir 5

Lemon squash, ginger beer, blood orange & chilli, classic cola

House made lemon lime bitters 4

Bottled water 3

Calm & stormy volcanic sparkling water 3


Juice Syndicate cold pressed juices 7

Elevate: purple carrot, beets, mint, carrots, ginger, lemon, apple

Rejuvenate: carrot, pineapple, ginger, lemon, orange

Vitalize: coconut water, grapefruit, lemon, orange, cayenne, turmeric

Charcoal Lemonade: activated charcoal, spring water, lemon, raw honey, himalayan salt.

Green Machine: apple, celery, swiss chard, kale, coconut water, mint, lemon, ginger  


Kids Juices 4



Milkshake 5.5








Noisette Fruit Loaf 8



Noisette Seeded Sourdough 7 (GFo)

Butter, Choice of Jam, Vegemite, Peanut Butter


Oat Porridge 14.5 (VGo)

Rolled oat porridge, chai poached pears, rhubarb puree, crushed mixed nuts, and choice of milk (soy/ almond/coconut/dairy)


FD Baked Beans 16 (V)

Tomato and capsicum ragu, slow cooked white beans, fresh herbs, parmesan, poached eggs, and toasted flatbread


Belgian Waffle 15.5 (V)

Vanilla bean ice-cream, blackberry compote, dark chocolate sauce, and chocolate oat crumble


Smashed Avo 17.5 (GFo, VGo)

Seeded sourdough, beetroot hummus, pickled onions, smoked paprika salt, and poached egg


Poached Free Range Eggs 10 (GFo)

Seeded sourdough


Tomato relish/beetroot hummus/creamed corn 2

Poached egg 2.5

Feta 3

Roasted mushrooms/ Avocado/chorizo 4.5

Pulled pork 5.5

Maple baked bacon 6


FD Bacon & Eggs 19 (GFo)

Spring onion cornbread waffle, maple baked bacon, creamed corn, and poached eggs


Pulled Pork Benedict 17 (GFo)

Seeded sourdough, chipotle hollandaise, poached eggs, fresh spinach, crispy shallots, and micro coriander

Roasted Pumpkin 16 (VGo, GF)

Chive yoghurt, baby kale, green peas, mixed crushed nuts, chilli, lemon and spinach & kale pesto


Sweet Corn and Parmesan Fritter 18 (GF, V)

Fresh tomato salsa, jalapeno mayo, avocado, snow pea tendrils, lemon
Add egg 2.5


Fried Chicken Burger 18.5

Toasted brioche, lettuce, pickles, cheese, sweet sriracha mayo, and plain crisps



Two poached eggs on toast 7

Waffle, ice-cream and maple 7

Ham & cheese toastie 7

Toast with peanut butter/vegemite/jam 7

Coco-pops with milk 5


GF – gluten free (GFo – gluten free option)

V – vegetarian (Vo – vegetarian option)

VG – vegan (VGo – vegan option)

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